RT LAMP 2804999-1000

The RT LAMP method detects infection with the SARS-CoV-2 virus quickly and reliably, even before infected persons are infectious and can transmit the disease. The test procedure is a molecular-biological method to directly detect the genetic material of the virus - the RNA.
The VICARE RAPID® LAMP Test from Vicare Solution AG, which has been added to the Belenos product range, combines high reliability in testing with the possibility of evaluating the samples quickly and without expensive laboratory equipment on site as a point-of-care solution. The result can be read off after about 30-40 minutes simply by looking at the color change. Thus, the LAMP technology offers a safe, inexpensive and simple alternative to existing test methods for companies.


  • low virus concentration detectable in the sample (2x10² copies/1mL)
  • testing and evaluation possible on site (point-of-care)
  • costs less than PCR testing
  • sensitivity: 97,8%, specificity: 100%
  • sample collection: gargle/swab
  • test result within 30-40 minutes
  • validity of test detection: 72 hours

Order information

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2804999-1000 VICARE RAPID FL-1000 = 1000 Tests
2804999-5000 VICARE RAPID FL-5000 = 5000 Tests