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BenchRocker™ 3D - Variable Speed Rocker

Benchmark Scientific BenchRocker™ 3D B3D2300-E

Benchmark Scientific BenchRocker™ 3D - Variable Speed Rocker

The BenchRocker™ 3D is designed to provide the precise speeds and tilt angles required for a broad range of molecular and biological mixing applications.

The user can adjust both parameters to match the vessel size and the volume of liquid being mixed, yielding optimum results. Proprietary InstaTilt™ technology means no tools, no disassembly. Simply grip the platform with two hands and move to the desired position.


Product highlights

  • adjustable speed & tilt for a wide range of applications
  • large work surface
  • Insta-TILT™ technology for instant adjustment to the tilt angle
  • dual platform accessory doubles work surface
  • cold room and incubator safe


Technical data

Speed 2 to 30 RPM
Tilt angle 0 to 30°
Platform size 300 x 300 mm
Load capacity 2 kg
Operating temp. range +4 to +65° C
Size 350 x 300 x 200 mm
Weight 3.4 kg
Electrical 230V AC, 50 Hz, 0.15 A


Ordering information

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BenchRocker™ 3D with
flat & dimpled mat


Optional accessories

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stacking platform with
flat mat
305 x 305 mm
stacking platform with
dimpled mat
305 x 305 mm
LaBungee™ - 4x elastic tie downs
with hooks



Please see PDF-file for detailed product information:

application/pdf BR2000 B3D2300 BenchRockers Brochure

Price on request.

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