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Handheld Homogenizer

Benchmark Scientific Stab Homogenisator D1000-E

Benchmark Scientific Handheld Homogenizer

Benchmark Scientific new Handheld Homogenizer, the D1000-E, is designed to rapidly homogenize, emulsify, suspend and disrupt biological samples. Ideal for use with microtubes, the homogenizer works well with samples from 0.1ml to 250ml (depending upon the generator probe used).


Product highlights

  • homogenize most samples in under 30 seconds
  • for volumes from 100µl to 250ml
  • supplied with both 5mm & 7mm generator probes


Technical data

Speed range 8,500 to 30,000 RPM
Capacity 0.1 to 250 ml
Noise level <70dB
Operating temp. range +4 to +65° C
Dimensions 45 x 58 x 225 mm
Weight 0.6 kg
Electrical 230V, 50Hz


Ordering information

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Benchmark Scientific Handheld Homogenizer
with generator probes:
→ 5mm (flat bottom)
→ 7mm (saw tooth)


Optional accessories

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saw tooth generator probe
for 15 and 50 ml tubes
10 x 115 mm 1
saw tooth generator probe
for 50 to 250 ml vessels
14 x 130 mm 1
flat bottom generator probe
for microtubes
5 x 50 mm 5
saw tooth generator probe
for microtubes
7 x 50 mm 5


Please see PDF-file for detailed product information:

application/pdf D1000 Handheld Homogenizer Brochure

Price on request.

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