B-Safety BR085095V
PremiumLine safety shower combination, with safety eye shower, with bowl, Stainless Steel, ceiling mount

Cleanroom Stainless Steel Emergency Shower

The body safety showers are equipped with the B-SAFETY high-performance shower head, which not only meets the specifications of ANSI Z358.1 and DIN EN 15154, but is also self-draining, largely free of limescale and maintenance, and very robust and corrosion-resistant. The limited, uniform and above all soft water jet is optimized for rinsing off chemicals on the skin.

The integrated automatic flow regulator ensures a standard-compliant jet pattern regardless of the water pressure on site. With the enclosed information sign according to DIN EN ISO 7010 and ASR A1.3, the B-SAFETY safety shower is marked and visibility is improved. The recognition range is 15 meters.


  • Material:Stainless Steel
  • Surface: polished
  • Lichte Höhe: 420-1225 mm
  • Installation height: variabel
  • Operating pressure: 1,5 bis 3 bar
  • Flow rate: 50 L/min
  • Water inlet: 3/4-inch female
  • Standards conformity: DIN EN 15154-1:2006, DIN EN 15154-5:2019, ANSI Z358.1-2014
  • Registrations: DIN-DVGW, NW-0416CL0425, GOST-R, Certificate No. 061563

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BR085095VBR085095VB-Safety PremiumLine safety shower combination, with safety eye shower, with bowl, Stainless Steel, ceiling mount


Bestell Nr.Beschreibung
BR082200ClassicLine cable actuation for injured persons lying on the ground, additional to pull rod. (Stainless steel rope)
BR082300ClassicLine disability friendly pull rod with double ring handle, green. Length: 1150 mm (Steel)
BR082350Handicapped accessible pull bar with double ring handle, stainless steel. Length: 1150 mm
BR830955Service shut-off for safety eye showers with removable release lever (stainless steel).
BR710950Thermostatic mixing valve for eye showers and safety showers, setting range 20 - 43°C, scald protection 43°C, volume flow approx. 60 l/min at 2 bar flow pressure.
BR710800Flow monitor for eye showers, protection class IP 65, electrical connection via 1.5 m cable.
BR830400Switch for body safety shower, complete premounted on shower, for EX-Zones 1 & 2.
BR015800ClassicLine alarm systems with siren/flashlight combination. Pre-wired connection box. Relay circuit included.