B-Safety BR837095
PremiumLine Saftey Shower with Eyewash with bowl, Stainless Steel, floor mount

Cleanroom Stainless Steel Emergency Shower Combination

The B-SAFETY body safety showers of the PremiumLine series are made of stainless steel and are just as suitable for use in laboratories and research as they are for rough use in industry. The polished stainless steel surface is not only resistant to many chemicals, but also offers a modern design for laboratories and clean rooms.

The body safety showers are equipped with the B-SAFETY high-performance shower head, which not only meets the specifications of ANSI Z358.1 and DIN EN 15154, but is also self-draining, largely free of limescale and maintenance, and very robust and corrosion-resistant. The limited, uniform and, above all, soft water jet is optimized for rinsing off chemicals on the skin.


  • Material:Stainless Steel
  • Surface: polished
  • Total height: 2330 mm
  • Projection: 630 mm
  • Operating pressure: 1,5 bis 3 bar
  • Flow rate: 50 litre per min.
  • Water inlet: 1 1/4-inch female
  • Standards conformity: DIN EN 15154-1:2006, DIN EN 15154-2:2006, DIN EN 15154-5:2019, ANSI Z358.1-2014
  • Registrations: DIN-DVGW, NW-0416CL0425, NW-0416CL0263, GOST-R, Certificate No. 0615463

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BR837095BR837095B-Safety PremiumLine Saftey Shower with Eyewash with bowl, Stainless Steel, floor mount


Bestell Nr.Beschreibung
BR870100Hinweisschild "Augendusche und Notdusche". Inklusive Befestigungsmaterial zur Montage auf dem Notduscharm. Abmessungen: 320 x 180 mm
BR870200Platform actuation for eye showers and safety showers, in addition to the standard actuation (steel, galvanised)
BR870370Foot lever actuation for eye showers and safety showers, additionally to the standard solution (plastic)
BR830950Service shut-off for safety eye showers with removable release lever (stainless steel).
BR710950Thermostatic mixing valve for eye showers and safety showers, setting range 20 - 43°C, scald protection 43°C, volume flow approx. 60 l/min at 2 bar flow pressure.
BR710860Flow monitor for eye showers, protection class IP 65, electrical connection via 1.5 m cable.
BR710860EXFlow switch for eye showers and safety showers, protection degree IP 65, electrical supply with 1.5 m cable. EX-Zone 1 & 2.
BR830400Switch for body safety shower, complete premounted on shower, for EX-Zones 1 & 2.
BR830450Emergency sensor for eye showers, completely pre-mounted on the shower, for EX zones 1 & 2.
BR015800ClassicLine alarm systems with siren/flashlight combination. Pre-wired connection box. Relay circuit included.
BR830970Anti-scald valve, switching points: Open at 41°C, close at 35°C (stainless steel)
BR830980Frost protection valve, switching points: open at 1°C, close at 4°C (stainless steel)
BR830986Connection adapter 1 1/4-inch, T-piece, for the connection of the protection valves before the water connection of the safety shower (stainless steel)
BR830700Stainless steel collection tray with a GRP step grate, for eye showers and safety showers. Dimensions: 1100x1100x150 mm
BR830900Enclosure for safety showers with a frame made of stainless steel and side walls made of aluminum composite panel. Dimensions: 2450x1100x1100 mm
BR830905Einhausung für Notduschen mit einem Rahmen aus Edelstahl und Seitenwänden aus Edelstahl. Abmessungen: 2450x1100x1100 mm
BR014114ANSI flange for eye showers and safety showers, B16.5, 150 LBS, form RF. Includes double nipple to 1 1/4-inch male.
BR016114DIN flange for eye showers and safety showers, PN 10, with extension. Including double nipple on 1 1/4-inch male thread.