B-Safety BR850005
ClassicLine variable body safety shower for installation in suspended ceilings

Eye Shower

The eye shower is equipped with two jet regulators that not only meet the specifications of DIN EN 15154-2:2006 and ANSI Z358.1-2014, but also ensure even water distribution. The limited, uniform and, above all, soft water jet is very suitable for rinsing out chemicals in the eye. The limited water jet allows this eye wash to completely collect the used water.

The correct jet height and desired flow rate is adjusted on site via the integrated flow control valve. The eye shower is completely protected against contamination by the integrated hinged cover. This makes this shower the right solution for rough everyday industrial use. A sign for an eyewash device in accordance with DIN EN ISO 7010 with a detection range of 17 meters is attached to the cover.


  • Material: ABS-plastic
  • Color: white
  • Abmessungen (H x B x T): 245 x 355 x 305 mm
  • Operating pressure: 2,5 bis 5 bar
  • Flow rate: 14-20 litre per min.
  • Water inlet: 3/8-inch male
  • Wasserablauf: 1 1/2-inch male
  • Standards conformity: DIN EN 15154-2:2006, ANSI Z358.1-2014
  • Registrations: DIN-DVGW, NW- 0417CL0263, GOST-R, Zertifikat-Nr. 0615463

Order information

Order noModel noDescription
BR850005BR850005B-Safety ClassicLine variable body safety shower for installation in suspended ceilings


Bestell Nr.Beschreibung
BR710100Service shut-off for safety eye showers with removable release lever (brass).
RN1238MSOBReducing nipple for attaching the maintenance ball valve
BR710810Flow switch for eye showers, protection class IP 65, electrical connection via 1.5 m cable.
BR710940Thermostatic mixing valve, setting range: 20-43°C, scald protection 43°C, flow rate max. 20 l/min
BR015800ClassicLine alarm systems with siren/flashlight combination. Pre-wired connection box. Relay circuit included.