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Aerosol Generator

Cleanroom aerosol generator A250

RR-Elektronik Aerosol Generator

The aerosol generator A250 is applied for the generation of test aerosols with
defined attributes. The concentration of aerosol particles is adjustable. An
essential application area of the aerosol generator A250 is the testing of highefficiency
filters or the acceptance and control measurements of laminar flow
boxes and clean rooms.


Product features

  • Easy to handle

  • Mobile and flexible

  • Low-maintenance

  • Concentration of aerosol particles is adjustable

  • Stainless steel enclosure


Technical data
Power supply 12 V/DC (via main-adapter)
Volume power adjustable at most up to 250 l/h
Maximum counter-pressure 10 kPa (0,1 bar)
Dimensions 20 x 28 x 17,5 cm (HxBxD)


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A250 RR-Elektronik Particle Counter


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