Alcochem 38315506
PDL POWERLIGHT 2.0 UV-A Cleanroom Inspection Flashlight

Cleanroom Particle Detection Light

The PDL 2.0, Particle Detection Light 2.0 is a improved flashlight, developed for professionals in the cleanroom industry. This PDL POWERLIGHT is currently the most powerful true UV-A flashlight available in the global market! 25 watts of UV-A LED power at your fingertips!
Recommended for Particle Detection, the PDL is executed with 5 powerful UV-A LED's a special dichroic filter is placed, which blocks all other wavelengths. Only ultraviolet light (UV-A) will pass this filter.


  • dust detection
  • aflatoxin on dried food and fruits
  • cleanroom area
  • welding inspections
  • Scratchproof, according the highest standards
  • offers UV-A light or white light for the bestpossible particle inspection
  • 2x rechargeable Panasonic battery
  • original Cree LED's suited for 20.000 hours of use
  • durable design
  • Inductive charging
  • round aesthetic finish

Technical specifications

Power LEDs5x 5 Watt UV-A 365 nm i.c.w. and 1x 5 Watt white LED (300 Lumen)
Lifetime LEDs20.000 hrs
Operating Time50 min.
MaterialAluminium T6061, Premium Typ III, hard anodized abrasive finish
Weight336 Gram
Dimensions219 x 52 mm L x D (Lamp)
Quality procedureISO 9001
Life spanmin. 5 years
CertificateIEC report (IEC 60598-2-8)included
Guarantee2 years on electrical performance

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