Vessel G2-E
ESD Ionizing Gun - Flexible cable

The Vessel G2-E ESD Gun-Type Ionizer is a practicable handy ionizer with flexible cable installation. The cable can be fit into the lateral side of the grip and can be hanged from above the cell production benches in cleanrooms at the semi-conductor, microelectronic, automotive and packaging industry. This unit is CE certified and RoHS conform.


  • Changeable wiring direction upward or downward. This makes it easy to use the G2-E by hanging it from the top of a cell production table (e.g. when using a tool balancer)
  • Compact, lightweight, and ergonomically designed grip that fits your hand
  • Operating status and alarm lamps
  • Interchangeable nozzle for various applications (option)
  • The needle electrode can be easily replaced with a dedicated tool

Technical specifications

Model No.G2-E
lonizing method/Applied voltagePiezoelectric high-frequency AC corona discharge/AC 4.5kV
Power supply and current consumptionDC24V±5%/ 100mA (typ.)
Ion balanceWithin ±10 V
Decaytime 0.8 sec (measured 150mm from device at 0.3 MPa)
Operating distance50-600 mm (lnstallation: indoor, non-hazardous area)
DimensionsLxHxD 148x157x44mm
Air supply hose diametertube fitting 6mm
OperatingClean dry air (0.1 MPa to 0.6MPa)
Air Consumption153L/min(0.3MPa)
Noise level94dBA (0.3MPa)
Ozone production0.05ppm or less (measured 50mm)
Operating environment temperature and humidity 5-40°C/35-65% RH (with no dew condensation or freezing)
AccessoriesAC adapter AD24-ITCS-E AC cable(1.8m)/ Standard Nozzle (included with device)

Order information

Order noModel noDescription
621659G2-EVessel ESD Ionizing Gun - Flexible cable


Bestell Nr.Beschreibung
806057G-7SN - Standard nozzle for G7R-E
806067AD24-ITC-E - AC Adapter for G7R-E & G2-E (2.5m)
806063G7TH-N - Joint Nozzle
806085N-2TN - Tube-fitting nozzle
806087N-2WN - Large silent nozzle
621704G-7EC10 - Power supply cable 10m (transformer to gun)
621708BB-ZSN - Straight silent nozzle
806059G-7B - Nylon brush 60mm bristles
806059G-7B - Nylon brush 60mm bristles
806124GN-H - Needle (806122 N-1H is discontinued)
806061G-7DR - Screwdriver for needle replacement
621373G-7SC - Speed Controller
621702G-7F - Air line filter N-2
621703G-7EC5 - Power supply cable 5m (transformer to gun)
806067AD24-ITC-E - AC Adapter for G7R-E & G2-E (2.5m)