Vessel F-6RST-E
Ionizing Mini ESD-Fan with Stand

The Vessel F-6 Ionizing Mini Fan with stand can be easily installed anywhere a quick and efficient static neutralization is needed. With the ionizing method of AC high voltage corona discharge this unit offers decay time of 3 seconds or less at an operating distance of 150-600mm. The F-6 offers an economic solution to avoid ESD on any surface in semiconductor, packaging or microelectronic industry. The built-in light the contamination level of the electrode needles are quickly checked. The F-6 models are CE and RoHS compliant.


  • Powerful static eraser
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Adjustable fan speed
  • Angle adjustable for ideal setting
  • CE certified
  • RoHS

Technical specifications

Applied voltageAC3.5kV
Power supplyDC24V ±5%
Current consumption (mA)210
Noise level (dB A)58.5
Fan speed (max) (m3/min)0.78
Decay timeWithin 3.0 sec.
Ion balanceWithin ±10V
Accessories AC adapter AD24-ITF6E, AC cable (1.8m)

Order information

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621663F-6RST-EVessel Ionizing Mini ESD-Fan with Stand


Bestell Nr.Beschreibung
806094F-6H - Electrode Neddel Unit for F6CL-E, F6ST-E
806039SDJ - 08F - Filter for F6CL-E, F6ST-E
806138AD24-ITF6E - Spare transformer for F6CL-E, F6ST-E