Accu-Seal Model HDMP3-TC
Impulse Heat Sealer temperature controlled

The Heavy-Duty Multi-Purpose Large Body Pneumatic Impulse Cleanroom Sealer is built to handle the big jobs and the toughest materials for Medical & Pharmaceutical Packaging including total process control and seal lengths up to 50” meeting full requirements of GMP-cleanroom, GMP-pharmaceutical, and GMP-laboratory. 100% verifiable & calibratable across all seal parameters for ISO 11607 compliance. Fully lock out protected, alarmed, digital process control. The user-friendly LCD touch screen and high-speed PLC provide the confidence that all process parameters are maintained seal-to-seal. External verification ports offer ease of calibration.


  • Different models available:
  • Seal only
  • Gas -Vacuum-Seal
  • Temperature Controlled
  • Validatable

Technical specifications

Seal Width3/8 Inch
Requirements2,6 m³/h @ 5,5 bar (seal only)

Order information

Order no Model No. Seal Method Seal Length Size (LxWxH) pcs.
808-6219 CXHDMP3TC-4B6 Seal only, temperature controlled 760 mm 860x460x355mm
808-7040 CXHDMP3TC-6B6 Seal only, temperature controlled 1020 mm 1120x460x355mm
808-7027 CXHDMP3TC-7B6 Seal only, temperature controlled 1270 mm 1370x460x355mm
808-7044 CXHDMP3TC-4B6GV Gas-Vacuum Seal, temperature controlled 760 mm 860x460x355mm
808-7041 CXHDMP3TC-5B6GV Gas-Vacuum Seal, temperature controlled 890 mm 990x460x355mm
808-7070 CXHDMP3TC-6B6GV Gas-Vacuum Seal, temperature controlled 1020 mm 1120x460x355mm


Bestell Nr.Beschreibung
624-0016Data Acquisition System
620-0004Product Support Tray- 30"
620-0005Product Support Tray- 35"
620-0018Bag Stretcher
620-0022Moisture/Particle Vacuum Filter- Large Body Std (3/8")
620-0023Moisture/Particle Vacuum Filter- Large Body Vert (3/8")
620-0032Exhaust Silencer- 1/2" (ea)- Requires 2 for Large Body
620-0059Vacuum Limiter- Large Body
102-0019Vacuum Nozzle Shut Off Valve (1 per nozzle set)