Accu-Seal Model HDMP3 SmBody
Impulse Heat Sealer Small Body

The Heavy-Duty Multi-Purpose (HDMP3) Small Body Pneumatic Impulse Cleanroom Sealer has the power and control required to handle virtually any sealing, vacuum sealing or modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) application. Featuring dual-side or single-side heavy-duty heat sealing bars in seal lengths from 20” up to 60,” this durable vacuum sealer has a digital operator interface and PLC control with selectable operating modes.


  • Different models available:
  • Seal only
  • Gas -Vacuum-Seal

Technical specifications

Seal Width1/4" and 3/8"
Vacuum PressureMax. 0,88 bar
Suction Flow (GV-Seal)6,3 Standard m³/h

Order information

Order no Model No. Seal Method Seal Length / Width Size (LxWxH) pcs.
808-6181-CX CXHDMP3-232 Seal only 500 / 6,4 mm 610x460x355mm
808-6182-CX CXHDMP3-332 Seal only 640 / 6,4 mm 740x460x355mm
808-6183-CX CXHDMP3-432 Seal only 760 / 6,4 mm 865x460x355mm
808-6191-CX CXHDMP3-2B2 Seal only 500 / 9,5 mm 610x460x355mm
808-6192-CX CXHDMP3-3B2 Seal only 640 / 9,5 mm 740x460x355mm
808-6193-CX CXHDMP3-4B2 Seal only 760 / 9,5 mm 865x460x355mm
808-6101-CX CXHDMP3-232GV Gas-Vacuum Seal 500 / 6,4 mm 610x460x355mm
808-6102-CX CXHDMP3-332GV Gas-Vacuum Seal 640 / 6,4 mm 740x460x355mm
808-6103-CX CXHDMP3-432GV Gas-Vacuum Seal 760 / 6,4 mm 865x460x355mm
808-6141-CX CXHDMP3-2B2GV Gas-Vacuum Seal 500 / 9,5 mm 610x460x355mm
808-6142-CX CXHDMP3-3B2GV Gas-Vacuum Seal 640 / 9,5 mm 740x460x355mm
808-6143-CX CXHDMP3-4B2GV Gas-Vacuum Seal 760 / 9,5 mm 865x460x355mm


Bestell Nr.Beschreibung
620-0002Product Support Tray- 20"
620-0003Product Support Tray- 25"
620-0004Product Support Tray- 30"
624-0016Data Acquisition System
620-0018Bag Stretcher
620-0020Moisture/Particle Vacuum Filter- Small Body Std
620-0021Moisture/Particle Vacuum Filter- Small Body Vert
620-0032Exhaust Silencer- 1/2" (ea)- Requires 2 for Large Body
620-0031Vacuum Limiter- Small Body
102-0019Vacuum Nozzle Shut Off Valve (1 per nozzle set)