Accu-Seal Model HDMP3-GV
Cleanroom Impulse Gas-Vacuum Sealer, Upper and Lower heat

Small High Performance Vacuum Foil Sealer with Inert Gas (MAP)

The HDMP3- "Pneumatic Impulse" cleanroom vacuum foil sealer is a high performance sealing machine to be used for almost any application of sealing, vacuum sealing or packaging with inert gas (MAP). The model is equipped with double sided or single sided high performance heat sealing bars in lengths from 500 to 1500mm and features a digital operator interface and PLC control with selectable operating modes.


  • Gas-Vacuum Seal
  • Upper and Lower Heating
  • Electronic Footswitch Activator

Technical specifications

Seal Width1/4"
Vacuum PressureMax. 0,88 bar

Order information

Order no Model No. Seal Method Seal Length / Width Size (LxWxH) pcs.
808-6101-X XHDMP3-232GV Gas Vacuum Seal, dual heat 500 / 6,4 mm 610x460x355mm
808-6102-X XHDMP3-332GV Gas Vacuum Seal, dual heat 640 / 6,4 mm 740x460x355mm
808-6103-X XHDMP3-432GV Gas Vacuum Seal, dual heat 760 / 6,4 mm 865x460x355mm
808-6104-X XHDMP3-532GV Gas Vacuum Seal, dual heat 890 / 6,4 mm 990x460x355mm
808-6105-X XHDMP3-632GV Gas Vacuum Seal, dual heat 1020 / 6,4 mm 1120x460x355mm
808-6106-X XHDMP3-732GV Gas Vacuum Seal, dual heat 1270 / 6,4 mm 1370x460x355mm
808-6107-X XHDMP3-832GV Gas Vacuum Seal, dual heat 1520 / 6,4 mm 1630x460x355mm


Bestell Nr.Beschreibung
620-0002Product Support Tray- 20"
620-0003Product Support Tray- 25"
620-0004Product Support Tray- 30"
620-0005Product Support Tray- 35"
HTHigh Temperature Option (up to 650 F)
620-0020Moisture/Particle Vacuum Filter- Small Body Std
620-0021Moisture/Particle Vacuum Filter- Small Body Vert
620-0022Moisture/Particle Vacuum Filter- Large Body Std (3/8")
620-0023Moisture/Particle Vacuum Filter- Large Body Vert (3/8")
620-0102Large, High Flow Vacuum Filter, 3/8", Horiz (Small Body)
620-0129Large, High Flow Vacuum Filter, 3/8", Vert (Small Body)
620-0103Large, High Flow Vacuum Filter, 3/8" Horitz (Lg Body- set of 2)
620-0130Large, High Flow Vacuum Filter, 3/8" Vert (Lg Body- set of 2)
620-0032Exhaust Silencer- 1/2" (ea)- Requires 2 for Large Body
620-0031Vacuum Limiter- Small Body
620-0059Vacuum Limiter- Large Body
604-0035Vac Nozzle & Cyl Shut Off Valve Assy for 1/nozzle set
613-0036Single Nozzle Set Option- Large Body only
613-0037High Flow Single Nozzle Set Option- Large Body only
613-0011High Flow Option per Noz Set
613-0013High Flow Option for 2 Noz sets
613-0019High Flown Long Nozzles per Noz set
613-0009High Flow Long Nozzles for 2 Noz sets
620-0099Water Trap Filter Assy- 3/8" Fittings