Accu-Seal Model 8000
Impulse Heat Cleanroom Sealer

The Model M8000 Medical Sealer series offers total GMP-cleanroom and GMP-laboratory packaging conformity featuring the Quick-Release Vacuum System®, which allows users to easily remove the vacuum system and seal bar for simplified cleaning, sterilization and maintenance. The innovative vacuum and seal bar design accommodates a pouch with as little as 1” header space, and since the linear element tensioner has no exposed electrical connections, it won’t allow binding and assures element tension under all pressure settings. The improved design of the M8000 simplifies element replacement and extends element life.


  • Model 8100 Seal Only
  • Model 8500 Gas-Vakuum Seal
  • Temperature Controlled
  • Validatable

Technical specifications

Seal Width3/8 Inch
Vacuum PressureMax. 0,88 bar
Suction Flow2,21 m³/h @ 6,2 bar

Order information

Order no Model No. Seal Method Seal Length Size (LxWxH) pcs.
819-8108-BCX 8108-BCX Seal only 200 mm 380x380x510mm
819-8111-BCX 8111-BCX Seal only 280 mm 380x460x510mm
819-8116-BCX 8116-BCX Seal only 410 mm 380x580x510mm
819-8508-BCX 8508-BCX Gas-Vacuum Seal 200 mm 380x380x510mm
819-8511-BCX 8511-BCX Gas-Vacuum Seal 280 mm 380x460x510mm
819-8516-BCX 8516-BCX Gas-Vacuum Seal 410 mm 380x580x510mm


Bestell Nr.Beschreibung
624-0017Data Acquisition System
619-0018Safety Guard (for 8" seal length machine)
620-0033External Exhaust Silencer- 3/8" Tubing
620-0058Moisture/Particle Vacuum Filter- 1/4"