Accu-Seal Model 8000
Cleanroom Impulse Heat Sealer

Heat Sealer with Vacuum and Gas Flush

The Model 8000 from Accu-Seal is the most versatile vacuum sealer. It offers vacuum and gas flush options as well as validation in one process step. This makes this cleanroom film sealer an all-rounder for the biotech, pharmaceutical and semiconductor industries. In addition, the control system enables full GMP packaging compliance with the Quick-Release Vacuum System®. The system allows users to easy cleaning, sterilization and maintenance. The innovative vacuum and sealing bar design allows for pouches with as little as a 1-inch edge to be accommodated. The M8000's improved design simplifies element changes, making it easy to maintain.


  • Model 8100 Seal Only
  • Model 8500 Gas-Vakuum Seal
  • Temperature Controlled
  • Validatable

Technical specifications

Seal Width3/8 Inch
Vacuum PressureMax. 0,88 bar
Suction Flow2,21 m³/h @ 6,2 bar

Order information

Order no Model No. Seal Method Seal Length Size (LxWxH) pcs.
819-8108-BX 8108-BX Seal only 200 mm 380x380x510mm
819-8111-BX 8111-BX Seal only 280 mm 380x460x510mm
819-8116-BX 8116-BX Seal only 410 mm 380x580x510mm
819-8508-BX 8508-BX Gas-Vacuum Seal 200 mm 380x380x510mm
819-8511-BX 8511-BX Gas-Vacuum Seal 280 mm 380x460x510mm
819-8516-BX 8516-BX Gas-Vacuum Seal 410 mm 380x580x510mm


Bestell Nr.Beschreibung
624-0016Data Acquisition System
619-0018Safety Guard (for 8" seal length machine)
620-0033External Exhaust Silencer- 3/8" Tubing
620-0058Moisture/Particle Vacuum Filter- 1/4"