Accu-Seal Model 675TC2-SO
Cleanroom SmartVAC Seal-Only Impulse Heat Sealer, temperature controlled

Innovative Impulse Heat Sealer with Temperature Control

The Model 675TC-SO temperature-controlled vacuum sealer process control for medical, pharmaceutical and laboratory GMP compliant packaging. Built-in features provide flexibility, protection and performance. To further increase production, the machine comes already with a dual heat option. The vacuum sealer can be easily mounted on an ergonomic machine stand or placed on a tabletop.


  • Model 675TC-SO with temperature control and upper heat only
  • Model 675TC with temperature control and dual heat upper & lower
  • Validatable

Technical specifications

Seal Width3/8 Inch
Compressed Air-Pressure4,25 m³/h @ 6,2 bar

Order information

Order no Modell No. Seal Method Seal Length Size (LxWxH) pcs.
853-0183 675TCSO-20-DBX Impulse Heat Seal 500mm 660x400x230mm
853-0184 675TCSO-25-DBX Impulse Heat Seal 640mm 740x400x230mm
853-0185 675TCSO-30-DBX Impulse Heat Seal 740mm 865x400x230mm


Bestell Nr.Beschreibung
511-0048Support Tray- Stainless Steel
624-0050Data Acquisition System - RedLion Module (AFP0R)
624-0032Data Acquisitation System (DASL)
HTHigh Temperature Option (up to 650 F)
620-0148Remote Optical Finger Switch Assy (Repl foot pedal)