Accu-Seal Model 5300SP
Impulse Heat Cleanroom Sealer

The 5300 Medical Pouch Sealer series provides the confidence that all seal process parameters are maintained seal-to-seal in compliance with GMP-cleanroom and GMP- laboratory conformity. This economical, validatable impulse heat-sealing machine offers many standard features to enhance production, including intuitive, user-friendly controls, fully lockout-protected and alarmed digital sealing process controls, and high-speed PLC with LCD touch screen HMI. Plus, external verification ports offer ease of calibration.


  • LCD Touch Screen and PLC
  • Pressure regulator with Gauge
  • External Calibration Verification
  • Visible and Audible Alarms
  • Temperature Controlled
  • Validatable

Technical specifications

Seal Width3/8 Inch
Requirements1,7 m³/h @ 5,5 bar

Order information

Order no Model No. Seal Method Seal Length Size (LxWxH) pcs.
805-0100 5300SP-15-B Seal only 380 mm 530x250x200mm
805-0101 5300SP-20-B Seal only 510 mm 660x250x200mm
805-0102 5300SP-25-B Seal only 640 mm 790x250x200mm


Bestell Nr.Beschreibung
624-0033Data Acquisition System (DAS)
624-0032Data Acquisitation System (DASL)
HTHigh Temperature Option (up to 650 F)
904-0001EC Certification