Berner SK-XP
Spillkit-XP Cleanroom Emergency and Cleaning Kit for Cytostatic Drugs

Standard protection for the elimination of CMR drugs

Emergency situations in the clean room (e.g. after accidents with cytostatic drugs) lead to stress situations for the employees. Berner has developed a special emergency kit to remove the contamination quickly, specifically and efficiently. It contains all the necessary utensils for safely handling and removing spilled CMR drugs (e.g. cytostatics, viral drugs, anabolic steroids, ...).

The spill kit should be available on site wherever people regularly come into contact with cytostatic drugs. For example, in pharmacies and cyto-laboratories, in hospitals and doctor's practices, in old people's homes as well as in the vehicles of courier services and waste disposal. Thanks to the special packing of the package and the illustrated instructions, employees are intuitively guided to the correct sequence of work steps.

For a detailed technical description please refer to the product data sheet in the download area.


  • Available in 3 sizes (also available as latex-free version)
  • cytostatic protective overall
  • cytostatic protective gloves
  • overglove protective gloves
  • cytostatic protective overboots
  • FFP3 respiratory protection mask
  • protective goggles
  • wax marker pen
  • warning sign
  • 1 ChemoSorb pad
  • 6 Isysoft cleaning cloths
  • shovel, slider & tongs
  • 500 ml distilled water (for removing dry substances)
  • waste bags, hazardous waste bags (white)
  • cable ties
  • user information & accident report

Order information

Order no Description Size pcs.
4104 Spillkit-XP M
4112 Spillkit-XP L
4115 Spillkit-XP XXL
4124 Spillkit-XP latex-free M
4133 Spillkit-XP latex-free L
4135 Spillkit-XP latex-free XXL