Berner MANU-L
Latex Cytostatic Cleanroom Protective Gloves - Manu L

For handling cytostatics and biological substances

Manu L - Latex Chemical Protective Gloves are latex chemical protective gloves with mechanical strength for maximum protection and wearing comfort when handling chemicals, CMR drugs (e.g. cytostatics) and biological agents in clean rooms and cyto-pharmacies.

For a detailed technical description please refer to the product data sheet in the download area.


  • Material: natural latex (can cause allergies)
  • available in sterile & non-sterile
  • glove length: 295 mm
  • anatomically shaped
  • extra long cuff
  • rolled edge
  • good grip
  • good sense of touch
  • AQL: 6.5
  • type tested & certified as complex PPE of the highest category III

Order information

Order no Description Size Packaging Size Sterility pcs.
4010 Manu-L S/6.5 50 pairs non-sterile
4015 Manu-L SM/7 50 pairs non-sterile
4020 Manu-L M/7.5 50 pairs non-sterile
4025 Manu-L ML/8 50 pairs non-sterile
4030 Manu-L L/8.5 50 pairs non-sterile
4040 Manu-L XL/9 50 pair non-sterile
4011 Manu-L S/6.5 50 pairs sterile
4016 Manu-L SM/7 50 pair sterile
4021 Manu-L M/7.5 50 pair sterile
4026 Manu-L ML/8 50 pair sterile
4031 Manu-L L/8.5 50 pair sterile
4041 Manu-L XL/9 50 pairs sterile