Micronclean WG-3s
WhiteGuard 3 - 100% polyester Cleanroom Wipes, sterile

100% Knit Continuous Filament polyester

WhiteGuard 3 polyester sterile cleanroom wipes are made 100% of continuous PES filaments and feature laser sealed edges resulting in an ultra-low linting product. This fabric’s weight is 120, 132 and 140 gsm and offers a medium absorbency.

Primary and secondary packed in polythene packaging in an ISO 14644 Class 6 (at rest), EU GMP Grade B cleanroom and gamma sterilized.

Area of application: general cleaning, surfaces, equipment, wipe disinfection before transfer process

Cleanroom Classification: ISO 3-5, GMP A/B

Please also refer to the product sheet for detailed product specifications.


  • material: 100% polyester
  • different sizes: see order info below
  • flat and bulk double packed in PE-bags
  • fabric weight:120-132-140 gsm
  • sterile
  • 2 years shelf life

Order information

Order no Description pcs.
MCDELN50S WhiteGuard 3 - 100% polyester 300x300mm, 132 gsm, flat packed, sterile, 10x50 wipes
WSTG03012 WhiteGuard 3 - 100% polyester 300x300mm, 140 gsm, flat packed, sterile, 12x50 wipes
WSTG02009 WhiteGuard 3 - 100% polyester 230x230mm, 120 gsm, flat-packed, sterile, 20x10 wipes
WSTG05009 WhiteGuard 3 - 100% polyester 230x230mm, 120 gsm, bulk, sterile, 10x150 wipes