Micronclean VG-15
VeriGuard 15 - pre-saturated, non-sterile polyester (PES) Cleanroom Wipe

70:30% IPA:WFI-Water in PE-Pouch

Veriguard 15 is a pre-saturated 100% polyester Cleanroom Wipe designed for the use in the highest classified areas. The absolutely wipe is free of cellulose and bioburdens.

This extra-clean wipe consists of 120 gsm polyester fabric with laser sealed edges, packed in batches of 15 wipes in a very strong resealable HDPE-pouch and saturated with WFI-water and 0.2µm filtered bioburden free IPA (isopropanol). The VeriGuard 15 wipe is fully EU GMP Annex 1:2019 compliant.

Designed for the use in cleanroom classes A/B (sterile version) and C (non-sterile) VG-15 wipe can be used as a hard surface wipe to wipe down biocides and sporicides from equipment or in the transfer process avoiding cellulose. The resealable pouch gives increased alcohol retention.

Area of application: surfaces, equipment, wipe disinfection before transfer process, use in Isolators / Laminar Flow Cabinets

Cleanroom Classification: ISO 3-6, GMP A/B/C

Please also refer to the product sheet for detailed product specifications.


  • material: 100% continuous filament polyester cleanroom wipe
  • HDPE pouch
  • size: 300x300mm
  • V-folded wipes within a re-sealable pouch
  • 15 wipes per pouch
  • 30 pouches per case
  • fabric weight:120 gsm
  • 70% isopropanol 30% water for injection
  • non-sterile
  • 2 years shelf life

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WNVG06030VG-15Micronclean VeriGuard 15 - pre-saturated, non-sterile polyester (PES) Cleanroom Wipe