Micronclean VG-1
VeriGuard 1 - pre-saturated, non-sterile polypropylene cleanroom wipe

70:30% IPA:DI-Water in Tub-Dispenser

VeriGuard 1 is a robust PP cleanroom wipe impregnated with isopropyl alcohol. The practical tub dispenser can be filled with economical refill packs.

Area of application: surfaces, wipe disinfection before transfer process

Cleanroom Classification: ISO 5-8, GMP C-D

Please also refer to the product sheet for detailed product specifications.


  • material: continuous filament thermo-bonded nonwoven polypropylene wipe
  • HDPE Tub
  • size: 200x200mm
  • 200 wipes per tub
  • 12 tubs per case
  • 18gsm wipe weight
  • 70% isopropanol 30% de-ionized water
  • 2 years shelf life

Order information

Order no Description pcs.
WNVG05020 VeriGuard 1 - vorgetränktes, unsteriles Polypropylen Reinraumtuch