Dyntex VWST-2820
Virwent Silbertuch

CORONA VIRUS wiped away

Virwent is not a disposable product but a reliable long-term companion for the protection of your health. The yarn surface of Virwent is coated with pure silver and disinfects surfaces without the use of chemicals. The virus and bacteria killing effect has been proven and tested in international studies and laboratories. The silver cloth blocks enzymes that supply germs with oxygen, so that pathogens die.


  • disinfecting silver cloth
  • kills viruses and bacteria
  • disinfects surfaces, clothing, hands, face, etc.
  • gentle on skin
  • easy to use
  • always within easy reach
  • washable up to 150 times in the washing machine
  • reusable
  • environmentally friendly

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VWST-2820VWST-2820Dyntex Virwent Silbertuch