Micronclean MD-NTR
MicronDevice - Terumo Needles, Cleanroom Sterile Multipacks

Cytotoxic and Compounding Accessory

Terumo compounding needles packaged and sterilized for the use with the BD syringe range.

Compounding needles 18g, 19g & 21g x 40mm
Needle - stainless steel
Cap - polyethylene
Hub - polypropylene

Manufactured under a BS EN ISO 13485:2016 quality management system. (Not a medical device)

Area of application: Cyto-Pharmacy and Compounding

Cleanroom Classification: GMP A/B

Please also refer to the product sheet for detailed product specifications.


  • free of cellulose
  • four layer laminate
  • easy tear notch
  • primary packaging is alcohol and VHP compatible
  • gamma sterilized
  • 3 year shelf-life
  • only for compounding use - not for patient use!

Order information

Order no Description pcs.
18TR50CC MicronDevice - Terumo Needles 18gx40mm 50 pack, Cleanroom Multipacks, sterile, 10x50 pcs
19TR50CC MicronDevice - Terumo Needles 19gx40mm 50 pack, Cleanroom Multipacks, sterile, 10x50 pcs
21TR25CC MicronDevice - Terumo Needles 21gx40mm 25 pack, Cleanroom Multipacks, sterile, 20x25 pcs
21TR50CC MicronDevice - Terumo Needles 21gx40mm 50 pack, Cleanroom Multipacks, sterile, 10x50 pcs