Micronclean MD-1ML
MicronDevice - 1mL BD Syringe, Cleanroom Sterile Packs GMP

Cytotoxic and Compounding Luer-Lock Syringe for Isolators and LAFs

Micronclean MicronDevice product series offers a particle reduced, cellulose-free and cleanroom packed and gamma irradiated for sterile syringes and accessories for the use in cyto-pharmacy and compounding cleanrooms.

The 3-piece BD syringes are each individually quality checked before packed in an ISO Class 6 (at rest), EU GMP grade C cleanroom dedicated to medical packaging only. The syringe multipacks are manufactured under EN/ISO 13485:2016 quality management system (class I medical device) and carry a CE-certificate. Each batch features a separate product code and batch number, which makes each syringe 100% retraceable. Additionally, we provide to each batch a conformity and sterilization certificate.

Barrel and plunger - polycarbonate
Gasket - latex-free, medical grade rubber
Lubricant - medical grade silicone oil (<0.25 mg/cm²)

Area of application: Cyto-Pharmacy and Compounding

Cleanroom Classification: GMP A/B

Please also refer to the product sheet for detailed product specifications.


  • double or triple packed
  • gamma sterilized min. 25kGy (ISO 11137)
  • free of cellulose
  • four layer laminate
  • easy tear notch
  • primary packaging is alcohol and VHP compatible
  • 3 year shelf-life

Order information

Order no Description Syringe Size Pack QTY Case QTY pcs.
01ML05CC MicronDevice - 1mL luer lock syringe plus tip protector, 5 pack 1mL 5 100
01ML10CC MicronDevice - 1mL luer lock syringe plus tip protector, 10 pack 1mL 10 100
01ML25CC MicronDevice - 1mL luer lock syringe plus tip protector, 25 pack 1mL 25 250
01ML25SC MicronDevice - 1ml luer lock syringe plus barcode and caps, 12 x 25 pack 1mL 25 300