BBraun 9161406V
Omnifix® F 1ml, without needle

The Omnifix™-F Solo disposable syringes feature a highly transparent syringe body with permanent marking for optimal readability. The plunger stopper with double sealing ring ensures slow aspiration and slow injection. Disposable syringes for fine dosing for e.g. allergy tests, tuberculin, heparin and much more.


  • made of polypropylene/polystyrene
  • suitable for dosing smallest quantities
  • for slow drawing up and injection
  • minimum residual volume
  • highly transparent cylinder
  • ideal readability
  • suitable for Covid vaccines and botulinum toxin (BOTOX)
  • packaging: 100 pcs/box = 18 boxes/carton

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9161406V9161406VBBraun Omnifix® F 1ml, without needle