Micronclean TG-3
TuffGuard 3 - Heavy Duty PVC Cleanroom Overshoes

Micronclean TuffGuard 3 Disposable Cleanroom Overshoes manufactured of PVC are extremely durable and have extra ordinarily high tensile and tear strength. They are available in white and red colour as well as in 4 sizes. This shoes may be washed and re-used if needed.

Area of application: pharmaceutical and semi-conductor cleanrooms, food and chemical industry

Cleanroom Classification: ISO 5-8, GMP B-D

Please also refer to the product sheet for detailed product specifications.


  • PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) material
  • thickness 0.13 - 0.15mm
  • extremely durable
  • tensile strength (MD) >12Mpa (TD) >8Mpa
  • tear strength (MD) >112N/mm (TD) >80 N/mm
  • non vented
  • non slip
  • 3 years shelf life

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SNWH81006TG-3Micronclean TuffGuard 3 - Heavy Duty PVC Cleanroom Overshoes