Micronclean FG-1
FaceGuard 1 - Cleanroom Pleated Facemask, non-sterile

with Ties and Nose Piece

Micronclean FaceGuard 1 cleanroom facemasks offer a high protection in cleanrooms through their extraordinary high bacterial and particle filtration efficiency. Based on the design of the ties and the nose piece, these facemasks have a comfort and easy adjustable fit. A very popular product in our assortment.

Area of application: mouth cover for process protection in aseptic environments

Cleanroom Classification: ISO 4-8, GMP C/D

Please also refer to the product sheet for detailed product specifications.


  • bacterial filtration efficiency 95.10% (3.0µm)
  • particle filtration efficiency 97.60%
  • material: combined polymer meltblown PP
  • size: 210x90mm
  • white cleanroom facemask with ties and nose piece
  • for use up to ISO 14644-1 ISO Class 4 Cleanrooms
  • 2 year shelf life

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MNTW01100FG-1Micronclean FaceGuard 1 - Cleanroom Pleated Facemask, non-sterile