Dongguan Yuecheng Technology Co., Ltd YC-M06
Medical Face Shield YC-M06

Protect yourself with the M06

A transparent visor protects you and your surroundings from splashes, sneezing, infectious germs and contaminated liquids and does not impair the mobility of the head. Both sides are covered with a protective film to prevent scratches on the lens and protect the light transmission of the lens. The fog-free, transparent material (100% PET) is safe and lightweight. The comfortable and skin-friendly sponge, guides the face shield well and is easy to wear.


  • double-sided anti-fog
  • skin-friendly sponge
  • good elasticity
  • light weight
  • shock resistant
  • easy to carry

Technical specifications

sign size 32*22cm
sign material 100%PET
thickness 0,3mm
sign thickness optical class
sponge 23g/cm3, 22x3x3cm
rubber band 32x2cm

Order information

Order no Size Quantity Material Weight pcs.
YC-M06 77x33x36cm 240pcs 100% PET N.W.:10kg G.W. :11kg
YC-FS006 77x33x36cm 240pcs 100% PET N.W.:10kg G.W. :11kg