Belenos CN504
BelShoe CPE

The BELshoe CPE cleanroom shoe cover is made of dense and durable polypropylene and is one of the most important preventive measures to avoid contamination in sensitive manufacturing and medical areas. This durable material provides an effective barrier to protect the shoes and floors from fluids and other wastes, like dust, dirt & micro-organism. Due to the strong elastics the shoe cover can fit to different sizes of feet and ankles. The anti-slip material at the bottom helps to walk safely and stable on slippery floors.

Area of application: cleanroom & medical
Cleanroom Classification: ISO 6-7, GMP C-D


  • anti-slip
  • color: blue and white
  • blue material: CPE
  • white material: PP
  • elastic
  • latex-free
  • breathable
  • easy to wear



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