Belenos JHSG205S
Belenos Ultra Cleanroom Safety Goggles

Belenos cleanroom safety goggles are made of light silicone and polycarbonate. They are available in sterile (double wrapped) and non-sterile. They prevent particle generation from the user`s face & eyes, and have an indirect ventilation system to maintain the user comfort and eye climate. Thanks to the special shape and the wide & adjustable headband, the safety goggles can also be worn comfortably and safely over glasses. The coated ultra-strong polycarbonate lens is anti-fog, scratch resistant and guarantees a clear vision.


  • mask material: ultra-soft, light silicone mount
  • lens: reinforced polycarbonate class 1 Optical
  • anti-scratch and anti-fog
  • strap material: silicone
  • ventilation: indirect
  • color: transparent
  • certification: EN 166:2001 optical Class 1
  • dimension frame: 153x65 mm
  • dimension lens: 71x18 mm
  • packaging: 10 pcs/box = 10 boxes/carton

Order information

Order no size material weight quantity carton size pcs.
JHSG205S Frame: 153x62 mm Lens: 71x18mm silicone & polycarbon 16kg 30 pcs/carton 600x400x290 mm
JHSG205N Frame: 153x62 mm Lens: 71x18mm silicone & polycarbon 17kg 200 pcs/carton 780x320x470 mm