Micronclean CG-4s
CleanGuard 4 - Alpha Cleanroom Biocidal Disinfection, sterile

500mL Trigger Spray, unit Dose & 5 L Canister

CleanGuard 4 Alpha Cleanroom Biocidal Disinfection is a non-aggressive and highly effective Quaternary Ammonium compounds based broad spectrum disinfectant and detergent for the use in cleanrooms only.

Micronclean Alpha Biocide has been developed for the purpose of rotational disinfection within aseptic GMP-cleanrooms. In combination with CleanGuard 3, the sporicidal disinfectant of Micronclean, and the IPA/WFI alcohol, the CleanGuard product family is fully EU GMP Annex 1:2019 conform. The agent is highly effective and material friendly, which makes it a state-of-the-art cleanroom disinfectant.

Area of application: general disinfection of all surfaces

Cleanroom Classification: GMP A/B/C/D

Please also refer to the product sheet for detailed product specifications.


  • synergistic blend of quaternary ammonium compounds
  • validated to be rotational with Beta
  • effective against bacteria, mycobacteria and fungi
  • no bag in the bottle
  • filling with 0.2µm filter
  • PTFE filter 1µm at the spray head
  • mechanically sealed trigger head
  • low centre of gravity bottle design
  • transparent bottle
  • long trigger handle ensure easy spraying
  • ergonomic design
  • gamma sterilized
  • 90 days sterility after first use
  • EU GMP Annex 1:2019 conform

Order information

Order no Description pcs.
ZSAP01500 CleanGuard 4 - Alpha Cleanroom Biocidal Disinfection, 500ml, sterile, case: 6x500mL
ZSAP05001 CleanGuard 4 - Alpha Cleanroom Biocidal Disinfection, unit dose 250mL, sterile, case: 10x250mL
ZSAP03005 CleanGuard 4 - Alpha Cleanroom Biocidal Disinfection, 5 Liter, sterile, case: 2x5L