Micronclean CG-2s
CleanGuard 2 - IMS/WFI 70/30% Cleanroom Disinfection, sterile

0.5 & 1L Trigger Sprays, 5 L Canister

CleanGuard 2 Cleanroom IMS/WFI (denaturated ethanol and water for injection) trigger sprays and 5L canisters are specially designed for the use in cleanrooms where the daily disinfection is a must. CG-2 offers many advantages in comparison with other cleanroom IMS products on the market including transparent bottle, 0.2µm PTFE-filter inside the spray-nozzles. The ergonomic handle and lower center of gravity make the bottle design the user-friendliest in the industry and the mechanically sealed head prevent refilling of the bottle.

Area of application: general disinfection of surfaces, wipe disinfection before transfer process

Cleanroom Classification: GMP A/B/C/D

Please also refer to the product sheet for detailed product specifications.


  • no bag in the bottle
  • filling with 0.2µm filter
  • PTFE filter 1µm at the spray head
  • mechanically sealed trigger head
  • low centre of gravity bottle design
  • transparent bottle
  • long trigger handle ensure easy spraying
  • ergonomic design
  • gamma sterilized
  • 90 days sterility after first use

Order information

Order no Description pcs.
ZSAL65950 CleanGuard 2 - IMS/WFI 70/30% Cleanroom denaturared Ethanol-Alcohol, 950ml, sterile, case: 15x950mL
ZSAL65499 CleanGuard 2 - IMS/WFI 70/30% Cleanroom denaturared Ethanol-Alcohol, 500ml, sterile, case: 24x500mL