Belenos VPTP-5
ViraProtect TWIN-PACK

The new innovation: alcohol-free disinfection!
This solution is highly eective against viruses, such as SARS-CoV-2 and has a bacetericidal and levurocidal effect. This product does not release any vapors, aerosols or odors and is perfect for the industry, commerce,schools, kindergartens and retirement homes. The alcohol-free disinfectant contains no hazardous substances and therefore does not bring any additional costs and liabilities, as for logistics, storage, CLP-Regulation and employee protection. It leaves a fresh scent, has an excellent environmental tolerance and is economical in use.


  • alcohol-free disinfection
  • 100% PET-fiber, fleece cloth roll, low lint
  • active substance release of the disinfectant
  • low absorption behavior
  • effective disinfection and cleaning results
  • safe removal down to the last cloth
  • avoidance of cross-contamination
  • perforated tears
  • roll already inside the DESi-Box
  • skin-friendly: aldehyde-. alcohol- and chlorine-free

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VPTP-5VPTP-5Belenos ViraProtect TWIN-PACK