Micronclean PG-7
PureGuard 7 - Pre-Saturated Cleanroom Trolley System

1.4301/304 Stainless Steel

The PureGuard Mopping System is a fully validated bucketless process designed to reduce contaminants from the cleanroom and improve cGMP compliance. The system eliminates exposed chemical and soiled water from your cleaning process, whilst also removing the need for operators to mix/dilute cleaning chemicals.

The PureGuard series can be supplied with different pre-saturations:

IPA:WFI 70:30%
IMS:WFI 70:30%
Alpha Cleanroom biocide
Beta Cleanroom Sporicide
Delta Cleanroom Detergent

Cleanroom Classification: ISO 4-6, GMP A/B

Please also refer to the product sheet for detailed product specifications.


  • including: mop dispenser, 3 storage trays, waste bag holder and tray
  • stainless steel
  • autoclave or ETO sterilization possible

Order information

Order no Description pcs.
MTSS01001 PureGuard 7 - Pre-Saturated Cleanroom Trolley System
MFSS01001 Pureguard 7 - MOP HEAD: Lightweight Wireframe Mop Head
MFSS79226 Pureguard 7 - MOP HEAD: Stainless Steel Shrouded Mop Head
MHSS02001 Pureguard 7 - MOP HANDLE: Stainless Steel Handle
MHSS02002 Pureguard 7 - MOP HANDLE: Aluminimum Telescopic Mop Handle - Graphite Grey