Teknomek WT0285
Hands-Free Stainless Steel Cleanroom Soap Dispenser

Our hands free soap dispenser is a convenient, hygienic way of dispensing soap, increasing hygiene standards in any washroom environment.

Manufactured from stainless steel you can be assured of a long lasting, hygienic product which is also easy to clean. The touch-free infra-red operation limits the dispersal of germs and dirt from person to person.


  • Fully welded in 1.4301/ AISI 304 grade stainless steel, or 316L/1.4404 is available upon request
  • Brushed dull polish finish
  • Surface finish - 0.5Ra µm, ISO Grade 5 compliant
  • Touch-free infra-red operation
  • Bulk fill: 800cc capacity
  • Requires 3 x 1.5v cell batteries (Not included with product)
  • Battery life 145,000 operations (1 year)
  • Low battery indicator (blue led flashing light)
  • Viscosity range 2000-5000 CP
  • Wall mounted
  • Lockable

Technical specifications

Overall dimensions110 x 110 x 245mm

Order information

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WT0285WT0285Teknomek Hands-Free Stainless Steel Cleanroom Soap Dispenser