Teknomek HWWB
Cleanroom Fully Enclosed Waste Bag Holder Bin

Our cleanroom specific fully enclosed waste bag holders are designed from fully welded 304 grade stainless steel in a brushed dull polish finish with a non-shedding stainless steel holding band. This 100% stainless steel construction is designed with hygiene in mind, thus suitable for any cleanroom environment.

The hands free foot operated lid ensures optimum hygiene as the user does not need to touch the waste bin. With a 75 litre capacity, this stainless steel waste bag holder is sure to suit your needs.


  • Fully welded in 1.4301/ AISI 304 grade stainless steel, or 316L/1.4404 is available upon request
  • Brushed dull polish finish
  • Surface finish - 0.5Ra µm, ISO Grade 5 compliant
  • Tubular pedestal frame or fully enclosed options
  • Non-shedding material - perfect for cleanrooms
  • Features stainless steel clamping band
  • Hands free foot operated lid
  • 75 litre capacity

Technical specifications

Overall dimensions490 x 460 x 800mm
Ring diameter350mm
Base diameter on fully enclosed option400mm

Order information

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HWWB-FSFEFOLCHWWBTeknomek Cleanroom Fully Enclosed Waste Bag Holder Bin