Esco DFB
Pharmacon Downflow Booth

over 420 possible dimensional models

Esco second generation Downflow booths provide operator, process and/or product protection by utilizing HEPA filtered unidirectional laminar downflow to maintain an ISO 5 cleanroom environment at rest within the work zone and capture particulates during open handling processes. The standard Esco DFBG2 has over 420 possible dimensional models and approximately 3.5 million possible system configurations ensuring that Esco can provide a standard solution to fit your specific process and facility requirements. Should a standard option not fit your requirements Esco can offer a customized solution.

The DFBG2 is designed but not limited to, the following cleanroom industry markets:
Pharmaceutical, biotech, cosmetic, animal research, nutraceutical, robotic, food and micro-electronics.

Please refer to the product sheet in the download area for product and order details.


  • Laminar airflow velocity of 0.45m/s ± 20% (89 ft/min)
  • Containment Performance Target (CPT's) ≤ 100 μg/m3 at over 8hrs
  • cGMP modular design with minimized joints and seams
  • 6 different filter configurations available utilizing combinations of G4, F8, Carbon, H13, H14 and PLF screens
  • Gel seal HEPA filters
  • Integrated filter challenge ports

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