Frontier® fume cupboard for work on strong acids

Acid-Proof Laboratory & Cleanroom Fume Hood

ESCO Frontier® Acid Digestion™ is designed to handle very concentrated acids at high temperatures. This specialized fume hood is built with non-plasticized polyvinylchloride (u-PVC) known for its superior chemical resistance while the sash window is made of polycarbonate to prevent etching.

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  • ASHRAE 110 and EN 14175 compliance assures maximum operator safety
  • Full uPVC or PP interior for excellent chemical resistance and avoid immediate corrosion
  • 5° angled front of the sash reduces glare and reflection for operator comfort
  • Superior containment at 0.3 m/s results to high energy savings

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EFQEFQESCO Frontier® fume cupboard for work on strong acids