Frontier® ACELA™ Multifunctional Fume Hood

High Performance Model

The ESCO Frontier® Acela™ Fume Hood is a high performance, low-flow fume hood engineered for safety, performance and energy efficiency, all combined in one multi-featured product. Its ability to operate at a reduced face velocity of 0.3 m/s allows for an exhaust volume reductions of up to 58% as compared to a conventional fume hood. This directly translates to more savings for your company.

Model for mining industry available.

Please refer to the product sheet in the download area for product and order details.


  • perfect pitch profile
  • high sight line
  • chain and sprocket sash support system
  • tempered fiber glass exhaust collar
  • Sentinel™ XL airflow alarm

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EFAEFAESCO Frontier® ACELA™ Multifunctional Fume Hood