Workstation for laboratory animal research Class II Type A2

Exhaust air model for laboratory & clean rooms

ESCO VIVA Universal Workstation draws on ESCO's experience of over 25 years in laminar air flow technology. The enclosure employs two independently balanced ULPA filtration modules to protect animals inside the enclosure from exposure to airborne particulates/ambient contamination, as well as, the operator from exposure to allergens and other potentially hazardous materials. It employs an airflow recirculating design similar to a Class II Type A2 biosafety cabinet (operating principles described below).

Please refer to the product sheet in the download area for product and order details.


  • ELISA-verified allergen containment
  • Biosafety cabinet class II containment
  • ISO Class 3 workzone
  • Motorized height stand (optional)

Order information

Order no Model No. Ext. Dimension in mm Int. Dimension in mm Inflow/Downflow pcs.
2080029 VA2-4A1-E 1423 x 815 x 1510 1585 x 852 x 2235 0.45/0.35 m/s
2080032 VA2-6A1-E 2030 x 815 x 1510 2193 x 852 x 2235 0.45/0.35 m/s