Belenos HandelsgmbH: Cleanroom, Laboratory and Filtration Technology

Belenos HandelsgmbH – the company
Belenos HandelsgmbH is an Austrian trading company specializing in the areas of filtration, cleanroom and laboratory technology. In the year 2010, Belenos was founded based upon the company „Ing. Franz Neugebauer“, which was a well known supplier for process and laboratory filtration since the 1970's. In the past 20 years, our focus has widened from filtration to cleanroom and laboratory technology as well as lab safety, and consequently our product assortment has broaden in spectrum. Therefore, we are proud to be able to present our extensive product range cleanroom, laboratory and filtration technology.
Cleanroom, Laboratory & Filtration Technology – high quality solutions for our customers
We are specialized to supply solutions and products of highest possible quality for our clients, who have high standards. We cover the following areas of the industry: food and beverage, pharmaceutical production and R&D, semi-conductor, micro-electronics, optical as well as medical and life sciences. Our product assortment is a collection of highly specialized products for cleanroom, laboratory and filtration, which have eveolved based upon our customer needs.
Our Suppliers & Producers: the best products for the best customers
Our goal is to offer the best possible solution to our clients. These can only be achieved through specializing in the areas of cleanroom, laboratory and filtration offering a wider variety products and brands. Based upon our long-standing experience with our suppliers and customers, we are able to offer the correct solution, whereby our mission is to offer quality and cost-effectiveness at the same time.